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How to become a Partner Organization for
Corporate Volunteering Program (CVP)

Explained here is the benefits, the overview of process and the requirements for organizations interested in becoming a partner organization for CVP. Please read the information and if interested, please contact us. Through CVP, we look forward to creating new values for the society with you!

Benefits of CVP for
Partner Organization

1 Gain access to technical/business skills and new insights from Japanese professionals that result in tangible contribution, as well as in building the capacity of the organization.
2 Acquire opportunity to interact with Japanese professionals, who can bring new perspectives for staff members on aspects such as work ethos.
3 Gain possibility of establishing network with Japanese corporates and exploring opportunities for cross-sector collaboration.
4 Obtain an opportunity to deliver voice of those confronting the social challenges to the Japanese society and other sectors such as private and public.

The Overall Process
of CVP

1 Contact between organization and Cross Fields
2 Identification of organization’s specific needs/Designing of Scope of Work for volunteer
3 Matching of organization and a volunteer from a Japanese corporates (Organization’s need/Scope of Work ⇔ Volunteer’s professional skill sets and expertise)
4 Dispatching of Volunteer to organization (2~12 months)
※We cannot promise to send the volunteer immediately after identifying organization needs
5 Follow-up sessions with organizations on the program and outcome

Characteristics of
our Corporate
Volunteering Program

1 Appropriately designed Scope of Work for each project
※Prior discussions at each milestone before dispatching volunteer
※Cross Fields staff to accompany volunteer for the first week to set Scope of Work
2 Thorough support by Cross Fields for implementation of Scope of Work and volunteer’s personal development through weekly 1-on-1 Skype session
3 Screening of volunteer candidates for skills, motivation and commitment through interview process

Required Assistance
from Partner

To ensure effective and reliable operation for each CVP for all parties involved, we ask for assistances from our Partner Organization. Some key assistances are:
  • Supervision : To assign at least one staff member to supervise the Volunteer during his/her stay.
  • Language Support : To support the Volunteer in understanding local languages and communicating with local communities when needed. (English will be the main language for the volunteer’s project.)
  • VISA : To prepare and issue necessary documents required for the Volunteer to apply for a visa (eg. Invitation letter)
  • Emergency Care : To provide necessary help to the Volunteer in case of emergency (eg. send him/her to a hospital). Also, to inform the situation to Cross Fields.
  • MoU : To exchange Memorandum of Understanding that states the division of responsibilities among Partner Organization, Partner Corporate and Cross Fields in this program.
  • Feedback : To provide feedback for the Volunteer and our program.
  • Cost : Essentially none for Partner Organization. Extra activity cost related to the program will be covered by Partner Corporate and/or by the Volunteer.

Frequently Asked


What kind of skills do Volunteers have? What kind of needs can they work on?

All volunteers have experience working in the professional environments of Japanese corporates with the average of 5 to 10 years. Their professional skills and experiences range from sales/marketing to engineering and consulting. Using their expertise, the volunteers work on projects such as product development, operational improvement and research at Partner Organization. Please see “Case Stories” and “Statistics of our past 100 volunteers” for more details.

What is the cost for Partner Organization?

As stated in the previous section, “Required Assistance from Partner Organization,” all cost related to the program will be covered by Partner Corporates and/or the Volunteers in general. However, we kindly ask for your time and cooperation, especially during the Volunteer’s stay.

Is there required qualification to become Partner Organization (such as organization size and location)?

We hope to work with organizations that accord with Cross Fields vision and the purpose of our activities, and there is no specific requirements in general. However, we take into consideration the working environment and living condition if the volunteer is dispatched to an organization from the safety perspective. Cross Fields will visit the organization at least once before the actual dispatch to check the necessary points.

Can Partner Organization get in direct contact with the volunteer prior to his/her dispatch period?

Cross Fields organizes one video conference with the Partner Organization before his/her dispatch to introduce him/her and discuss the expected Scope of Work.

How is the matching processed between organization and volunteer?

Once Cross Fields identifies the skill sets and expertise of a volunteer, we will contact organizations with needs (Scope of Work) that matches those skills. If organizations are interested, we will discuss the possible placement in more detail.

How long will it take to receive a volunteer? Is it 100 % guaranteed that we will receive a volunteer?

Cross Fields will be able to dispatch a volunteer when we identify those whose skills match organization needs (Scope of Work). Therefore, it might take a month, or a successful match might not be possible. As we strive to make the best possible match for all parties involved by taking into consideration the contribution to the Partner Organization, the personal growth of Volunteers and the impact to Partner Corporates, we cannot promise with 100% certainty the placement of the volunteer. We apologize and thank you for your understanding as we strive to make more matches possible between organizations and corporates for greater impact in order to address social issues.