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Corporate Volunteering Program

Corporate Volunteering Program (CVP) delegates Japanese corporate employees to NGOs and social enterprises in Asia for 2~12 months as volunteers using their professional skills. To ensure that volunteers can make full contributions, Cross Fields carefully designs each project by matching the skills of each volunteer with the needs of organizations, and providing hands-on and thorough support. CVP aims to contribute to solving social issues using professional skills and expertise, as well as nurture leaders in Japanese corporates.
Corporate Volunteering Program
In designing and operating CVP, Cross Fields commits to bringing benefits to both NGOs/Social Enterprises and Japanese corporates. For NGOs/Social Enterprises, CVP aims to leave lasting impact in accelerating their efforts to address social issues using the professional skills and expertise of the volunteers. For Japanese corporates, CVP strives to develop their employees into leaders who will revitalize the companies with their renewed passion towards their work.
CVP in 5 Years
Program Data of 66 Partner Organizations

Program Data of 66 Partner Organizations
Comment from Partner and Supporting Organization

  • Grateful for the thorough

    Ms. Lynna Chandra
    Rachel House,
    Founder & Trustee

    Ms. Lynna Chandra

    The volunteers were carefully selected to match our needs, and guided to ensure that they could make full contribution. We are impressed by Cross Fields’ commitment and are grateful for its assistance. The two wonderful volunteers supported us with database management, and production of beautiful PR videos. Both were also kind, providing care for the children with cancer and HIV.
  • A true sense of partnership with all stakeholders

    Mr. Shashaank Awasthi

    Mr. Shashaank Awasthi

    Having worked closely with Cross Fields’ energetic team, it is no surprise to see the impressive progress of the program. The team stands out in how it works with all stakeholders with a true sense of partnership, investing considerable energy to understand the needs of all and identify suitable matches. It is its involvement in the entire process that delivers outstanding outcomes.
  • Pioneering new social

    Mr. Romy Cahyadi
    UnLtd Indonesia,
    Executive Director

    Mr. Romy Cahyadi

    Cross Fields has been pioneering a new social business using the blue ocean strategy, which brings benefits not only to Japanese companies and young professionals, but also to social purpose organizations in various Asian countries. I hope Cross Fields continues to grow its impact and business going forward.
Program Date of 100 Participants

Program Date of 100 Participants Program Date of 100 Participants
Comment from Japanese Corporate

  • An experience to tackle
    “tough situations”

    Mr. Naohiko Tamiya
    Hitachi Institute of
    Management Development,

    Mr. Naohiko Tamiya

    While valuing a volunteer’s expertise and characteristics, CVP provides opportunity for the employee to understand the local society through first-hand experience, and to tackle tough situations to mature as an independent person. We appreciate Cross Fields for its passionate aspiration and care. I look forward to its continued involvement in providing development opportunities.
  • A path of discoveries to nurture
    the core as leaders

    Mr. Masakazu Shijimaya
    House Foods Group Inc., Human
    Resources Development Dept.,
    Team Manager

    Mr. Masakazu Shijimaya

    Through CVP, volunteers can experience the process of identifying and solving issues, along with establishing relationship of trust in new environment and inspiring others for cooperation. By tackling social issues with local leaders, one also reconsiders, “what do I work for, and what kind of society do I want to realize through my work.” This is a big step of growth towards being a leader.
  • Establishing win-win relationships
    for both corporates and NGOs

    Mr. Haruhisa Okuda
    Panasonic Corporation,
    CSR & Citizenship

    Mr. Haruhisa Okuda

    CVP provides an opportunity for establishing a win-win relationship in that the volunteer can contribute to NGO and social enterprises in emerging countries with their professional expertise, while Japanese corporates can nurture employees with interest towards business in emerging market and social contribution.
Project Report

One Project, One Story

Every project comes with its own unique and memorable story. Through understanding of the reality of social issues and being inspired by passionate leaders of partner organizations who strive to solve them, the volunteers give their fullest with their expertise and different perspectives to create meaningful and sustainable impact. At the same time, through the contribution to the organizations, the volunteers have new discoveries about leadership and renewed aspirations for their work. Upon their return to Japan, they have the commitment to make a difference in their corporates to create value for the society.

Since 2014, CVP has expanded its field to Japan and its social issues, such as depopulation, aging society and earthquake disaster reconstruction.

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