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Greeneration Indonesia visits Japan for Study tour and events

From June 9 to 18, three representatives of an Indonesian NGO, Greeneration Indonesia* (GI), visited Japan. Founded in 2008, GI aims to solve the waste issue through projects such as promotion of eco-friendly bags, and development of waste-collecting and recycling system.
*Cross Fields has had a cooperative partnership with GI since 2012 through our International Corporate Volunteer (ICV) program and other activities.

In order to learn about the waste and environmental issues in Japan and the eco-system for solutions, GI members went on a study tour to hold discussions with organizations ranging from social enterprises, nonprofit organizations, corporates and ministry in Osaka, Tokushima and Tokyo*. They also got an insight of Japanese culture and tradition by experience the daily lives.
*Cross Fields introduced the organizations, and acted as a coordinator/translator during the meetings.
In addition, Cross Fields, organized the following events:
1)Corporate workshop for Japanese company (invited GI representatives as the lecturer)
2)Public forum on the topic, “The potential of multisector collaboration in solving social issues”. As guest speakers, we invited the CEO of Greeneration Indonesia and Zero Waste Academy, a NPO working to reduce waste in Tokushima, Japan. .
At the public forum, we received a vibrant group of participants from different professions such as consultant, NPO representative, and university students. Through the presentations by the guest speakers and short workshops, we encouraged the participants to take action for solving waste issue and to discuss how we can all collaborate to achieve the goal.
At the end of the visit, Mohamad Bijaksana Junerosano, the CEO of Greeneration Indonesia, said “the visit gave us new ideas for our future strategy and our business, as well as public-private partnerships and laws related to waste and recycling. We also had an opportunity to think about the importance of Work culture (productivity and efficiency).”
In the light of GI’s visit to Japan, we, Cross Fields, will continue our mission to empower nonprofit organizations and social enterprises by multiple actions in order to achieve our vision, “Social, Private and Public sectors working together to create solutions to social problems.”