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#4 “CROSS FIELDS celebrated the 5th Anniversary of its Foundation.”

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of those who have continued to understand and support our activities, vision and mission. Within five years, our International Corporate Volunteering program, our core initiative, steadily expanded with the cooperation of 66 NGOs and social enterprises in Asia. Through this program, more than 100 business persons from 28 companies, including Japanese leading corporates, became involved in solving social issues. According to our survey to our partner organizations conducted in August of this year, all partners answered ‘satisfied’ to participate in our program.

Invited Ms. Veronica Colondum, Founder of YCAB Indonesia to our 5th anniversary forum.

In October 2016, CROSS FIELDS held a forum in Ginza, Tokyo, to celebrate the 5th anniversary of its foundation. In this event titled ‘CROSS FIELDS: Our Past and Future’, we reflected our past five-year activities and proposed the future plan of our programs. Also, we invited Ms. Veronica Colondum, Founder & CEO of YCAB Foundation, which has already hosted 3 corporate volunteers through our program. In front of approximately 100 participants at the forum, Ms. Colondum introduced her organization’s activities to solve education-related social issues, and reported the impacts of our International Corporate Volunteering program on her organization. As one of the benefits of the program, she commented, “international corporate volunteers contribute to build the capacity of an organization, and advance cooperation with stakeholders inside and outside the organization.”
We also showed video messages from Greeneration Indonesia who works on environmental problems, as well as Mr. Romy Cahyady, Executive Director of UnLtd. Indonesia, an intermediary organization.
CROSS FIELDS sincerely thanks you for the tremendous cooperation and support.
We will continue to make great efforts to solve social issues in Asia with the cooperation of our domestic and international partners.

A New Collaborative Project with Partner Organization: Connects Organizations in Indonesia and Japan to Support People with Disabilities -International Grant Program of The Toyota Foundation-

CROSS FIELDS has worked on social issues in Asian countries for the past five years, with the International Corporate Volunteering program as our core project. On top of this, we have decided to cooperate with organizations working on common social issues in neighbouring Asian countries and Japan, and accelerate the progression of solving these problems. As our first step, we will work on a project titled, “Promoting Employment of People with Disabilities in Japan and Indonesia: Building an Inclusive and Sustainable Society”, based on grants from the Toyota Foundation. Our cooperating partners for this project are; Saujana Indonesia, an Indonesian social enterprise promoting employment creation for people with disabilities; Future Dream Achievement, a Japanese non-profit organization providing employment support for mainly people with disability, and Mr. Soya Mori, a senior researcher from Institute of Developing Economies.
Please look forward to our next newsletter for more details on this new project and relevant events.