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Daichi Konuma featured on Channel News Asia documentary

Founder of Crossfields, Daichi Konuma, has been featured as one of the Champions of Change on Channel News Asia. The program celebrates individuals striving to change their communities for the better, specially in Asian region, through their innovative ideas, passion, and determination to make the world a better place. Daichi shares his personal, life-changing experience that led to the founding of Crossfields and his vision for the future.
Taking a step back from his usual busy schedule, Daichi reflects back on his starting point as an entrepreneur -his “first-hand” experience as a volunteer in Syria, where he first sprung up with an idea of making work meaningful for Japanese employees, while simultaneously solving social problems in developing countries. He also expresses how changing young people, who are our main target of our program, is not enough; making lasting change requires changing “top” people with decision making power.
With many of our partner organizations hailing from Asia, we find it increasingly important to help promote sustainable development of Asian communities and will continue to strengthen collaboration with our wonderful partners!
To watch the video, please click the link below: