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10th Anniversary Event (Online/April 26th)

Cross Fields has renewed our Vision/Mission and starts its new chapter. In order to share this new vision and explore the future collaboration possibilities, we are holding an online event on Tuesday, April 26th, 6:00pm-7:00pm (JST)!
As guests, we are welcoming two of our inspiring partners from Indonesia/Singapore – Romy Cahyadi (co-founder and CEO of Instellar) and Lynna Chandra (founder of Rachel House). Daichi, our co-founder, and Sayumi, our Co-Create project leader, will welcome you as host.
This event is for free, so we are looking forward to your sign-up and to seeing you all there!
[Event Details]
・Date: Tuesday, April 26th, 6pm-7pm (JST)
・Venue: zoom webinar
・Fee: Free
*Regarding new Vision, please take a look at our specialized website: